Working Out Muscles

We all know that working out is essential to a healthy lifestyle…but how often do you change your number of reps, take a different route on your run, or go to that yoga class?  As an entremanure, break yourself out of the rut—make yourself uncomfortable.  In time, that uneasiness will go away and you will able to grow as a business leader.

Tweet (or Moo):  Start flexing those muscles by doing uncomfortable things…only then can you keep growing. #workitout

Question of the Day:  How do you work out those muscles?

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  1. snapyeti says:

    I guess the first part is figuring out my week muscles (we all have them.) Once I know my weaknesses, I read what experts say online. Next, I try to find a local advisor (trainer) with expert knowledge in that area and I ask to train along side them for a bit until I can figure out my own regiment. That way if I slip, I have someone to fall back on. Of course this cycle goes both ways. That’s my 2 yeti cents anyways…

  2. Mike says:

    Tom and Joe, I am really enjoying your book! You guys really have got something special going on. Cheers!

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